DO Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about being admitted to the College of Osteopathic Medicine at PNWU.
Does PNWU-COM accept international applicants?

PNWU-COM does not consider foreign applicants unless they are US Citizens or permanent residents (i.e., possess a green card). Permanent residence documentation is part of the application requirement to PNWU-COM for all foreign applicants.

What degree would best prepare me for medical school?

PNWU-COM does not suggest one degree over another as long as the student has satisfied the academic requirements and has maintained a rigorous and varied course load.

When is the best time to take the Medical Colleges Admissions Test (MCAT)?

The MCAT is offered several times a year. Many students take the examination during their junior or senior year after they have completed the majority or all of the academic prerequisites. The test cannot be taken later than January 31 of the year medical school starts. Be cautious when selecting a test date to ensure it does not conflict with academic coursework.

PNWU-COM accepts test scores that are less than three years old from the original date the test was administered.

If I take the MCAT more than once, which score will be used in the admissions committee process?

PNWU-COM uses the highest overall score of the tests taken within three years of application. All previous scores can be seen on your application.

What if I retake the MCAT, and it wasn’t submitted with my original AACOMAS application?

First, request that AAMC send your MCAT score to AACOMAS, it will take about 48 hours to process the request. Second, notify admission once you know your new MCAT score has been updated on your AACOMAS application.

I went to school internationally. Will my credits be accepted?

Course work taken at foreign institutions must be evaluated for US equivalence by an evaluation service and an official copy must be sent from the service directly to AACOMAS (see the AACOMAS web site for evaluation services). You should also have a copy sent to you for completing the AACOMAS application. Request a course-by-course evaluation and list the courses, subject codes, semester hours, and grades on the AACOMAS Academic Record or Professional School Academic Record as per the primary application instructions.

When do the prerequisite courses need to be completed?

It is recommended that prerequisite courses be completed prior to submitting an application. All prerequisites must be completed before the start of medical school. If an accepted applicant has not completed course work by the start of orientation, admission will be rescinded

Is biochemistry a prerequisite course?

A biochemistry course is not required. However, as of 2015, biochemistry is now part of the MCAT testing process and, therefore, it would be good preparation to include it as part of your pre-med coursework. Up to four-semester credits or six-quarter credits of biochemistry may be used to meet the Organic Chemistry requirement.

Can AP credits fulfill an academic requirement?

Advanced Placement credits can be accepted to fulfill academic requirements if the undergraduate institution granting your degree gives you credit on the transcript and if it appears (and is verified) on your AACOMAS application.

Does PNWU-COM require minimum GPA or MCAT scores?

PNWU does not have a minimum GPA or MCAT requirement. All applications are reviewed for academic excellence, course completion, grades, grade trends, rigor of coursework, and other academic indicators.

Are credits received from a community college accepted?

Prerequisite courses may be taken at any regionally accredited university or college of your choice. Distance learning, CLEP, and Advanced Placement course work will be reviewed by the Admission Committee.

Is there a mathematics course requirement?

There is no specific mathematics requirement. Candidates should be proficient in basic mathematics and would benefit from statistics. Some undergraduate schools may require students to take calculus as a perquisite for physics courses.

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